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What First-time Homebuyers Need After Moving

August 30, 2022
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If you’ve been renting for a while, you may have some furniture and items you want to keep in your new home, but you’ll also be tempted to buy plenty of new furnishings for one of our new homes in Ridgefield WA you’ve just purchased. However, there are certain items you may not have thought about but should be on the top of your list. Here are some of those must-haves for when you finally move into your first new home.

  • Outdoor Key Box: There’s a very good likelihood that you will lock yourself out of your home at some point and the person with the other keys may well be out of town or even out of the country. True story! So it pays to have a lock box with a protective cover that will hold an extra set of keys and features a security code dial to keep them safe. You can mount this somewhere hard to see, such as behind shrubbery or hidden by flowers, but at least you’ll have a set of keys.
  • Fire Extinguisher: This really is a must-have item, though hopefully, you’ll never need it. It’s easy to get distracted and forget about a pot on the stove that could potentially catch on fire or some other situation gone awry. A fire extinguisher – which needs to be checked regularly – is something no home should be without because it could be vital in saving your home and your family.
  • Step Stool/Ladder: In the home, you may want a smaller step stool that gives you that extra bit of height to hang pictures, change light bulbs, hang curtains, or reach the top shelf of cabinets. Outdoors, you may need a ladder for cleaning gutters, hanging holiday lights, or changing outdoor lights.
  • Stud Finder: Before you start hanging big artwork or putting in heavier wall pieces like shelving, you should make sure you have a stud finder. Hanging heavy items like shelves and using the studs for extra strength can save a lot of disasters. Drywall is rarely a match for a shelf full of books or knick-knacks.
  • Flashlights: Even though most people have a flashlight feature on their phone, there are times that you may be saving your phone’s battery or need more light. Having flashlights is a good idea when storms hit and the power goes out. You won’t waste your precious phone battery and you’ll be able to see much further with a larger flashlight. Keep one in the kitchen, bedroom, and by the inner door to the garage or in the mudroom.
  • Sturdy Trash Cans: Go for the solid, heavy-duty plastic trash bins with wheels. You may also want some bungee cords to keep the lids closed, despite the best efforts of local animal life. If you’ve been living in an apartment, you may not be used to having to take out your own trash, but you’ll soon see the benefit of purchasing one of these serious quality trash cans. Plus, they can easily be rinsed out with a hose, which is another item you’ll need to buy.

These are a few of the items every new homeowner should have. A good selection of tools for inside and outside the house are also recommended. These items may not be fun, but they can save you a lot of frustration and possible injury, so they’re vital for all of the homes in Ridgefield WA. If you’re looking to move into one of the new homes in this area, contact us today to find out about our variety of home designs and the great communities in which we build.

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