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Ways to Make Your Laundry Room Look and Function Better

April 28, 2021
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We offer a number of floor plans in our Ridgefield WA  and Puget Sound homes that include spacious laundry rooms. Many either include a laundry sink or have that option, further adding to their usefulness. Not only can you easily do laundry in here, but you can use the space for additional storage of a variety of cleaning products. Take a look at how you can make this functional room look better and work better for you.

Depending on how your laundry room is laid out, you may want to add some simple additions to keep it organized, easy to use, and attractive. Cupboards on each side of the washer and dryer, with either a wire rack shelving unit or simply a rod in place between the two gives you additional storage and a place to hang items that may need to air dry or are dry, but delicate and you don’t want them getting wrinkled. The cupboards can be used for hiding away less attractive laundry and cleaning products and if you use the wire shelf between them, you can use it to stack clean towels or baskets of frequently used items. Plus, the wire shelving allows for items to be hung, as well.

Another alternative, if you have an open wall area is a shelving system. This can be used for laundry products, but also be used for general house cleaning products, making it easy to find everything and not having to dig under a sink to find that one cleaner. You can also keep a handy carrying container for basic cleaning supplies so that you can easily move around the house, cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, etc., without having to run back and forth for supplies. Once you’re done, simply return the container to the shelving unit.

When possible, you may want to consider installing a countertop with storage beneath. This allows for easier folding of clothing as it comes straight out of the dryer. Plus, the counter can be handy for finding and treating stained spots on clothing and other laundry.

As for making your laundry room actually look nicer, it’s worth that little effort, because the nicer the space the less it feels like a chore. Laundry supply containers are rarely attractive. Consider purchasing glass jars or other decorative but still functional storage containers that are easy to access to hold your supplies. Feel free to label them if you can’t tell certain items apart. If there are containers that just can’t be changed, stick them in baskets or in cupboards.

Let the attractive container jars serve as decoration, perhaps with some succulents or even small decorative items interspersed, depending on the amount of natural light in the room. Feel free to hang up art, be it a pretty landscape or a funny or whimsical print. Add in an inexpensive indoor/outdoor rug, and consider painting the room or the cabinetry a cheerful color.

A laundry room may not be top on your list of rooms to decorate, and it may not make laundry more enjoyable, but by having a space that is organized and attractive, the job is a little easier. Even if you don’t want to go to extensive lengths, at least consider a tray or basket to store laundry items that can hide the worst of it all, and make your space a little more organized. And really, why not go the extra mile and create attractive laundry rooms in your Ridgefield WA homes. You deserve to have a nice space, no matter the chore!


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