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Tips on Creating Your Perfect Dining Room

July 7, 2021
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With the popularity of the open-plan layout, the separate dining room disappeared from many homes in Vancouver WA. While the convenience and conviviality of open-plan living, dining, and kitchen layouts remains, the addition of a separate, more formal dining room — or at least a dining area that is set apart more significantly — is starting to make a comeback. We feature them in some of our home designs and make them an option in others, so here are some tips to create your own perfect dining room.

The first issue to focus on is the scale of the room and the furniture. You want a dining table and chairs that doesn’t overwhelm the space, leaving people squeezing along the walls to get to their seat. However, you  also don’t want a table that is too small and looks more like the child’s table. Think about how many people you’re likely to host on a regular basis, and don’t forget that many tables have leaves that can give you more space for special occasions. If you have a large dining room but don’t need a particularly large table, consider adding in a sideboard to help fill the room while also providing convenient storage for linens and other special decor and serving items.

While the separate dining room is traditionally more formal, it doesn’t have to be. You can have some fun with it, choosing less typical tables and chairs or even mixing and matching to create something stylish but unique. When it comes to seating, try to find something comfortable, but also look for fabrics that can be cleaned easily, as spills are always a given. If cleaning the fabric isn’t an easy option, look for strong prints that hide some of the spills or go for classic leather.

People are choosing to have more fun with their dining room decor and the lighting is a perfect opportunity to display your personal style. Instead of the standard chandelier, opt for something more modern or go over the top with the chandelier, depending on your overall style. Also think about the shape and size of the table when choosing lighting. A round lighting fixture goes well with a round table, while an oval or linear light fixture works best with longer tables. You may also want to consider a grouping or series of smaller hanging pendant lights, and don’t forget the option of side lamps for layered lighting. You want a room that is bright enough to dine by comfortably, but just dark enough for a hint of chic ambiance. Always go for warm, soft lighting.

Because the dining room isn’t a room you spend a lot of time in daily — though there’s no reason not to have family dinner there every night — this is a room where you can be bold in your decor. Even if you stick with more traditional tables and chairs, have fun with the color. This is a room made for big, bold colors, though preferably ones that fit the idea of food. Rich, dark red or burgundy is always a bold but fun option for a dining room, but so is an elaborate wallpaper. There are lots of modern wallpapers available that let you recreate the detailed William Morris papers or you can go with huge florals or funky abstracts. Consider papering the upper two thirds of the room and using chair railing and then painting the bottom third in a color complementary to the wallpaper. You can go bold or soft.

Finally, in the spirit of The Big Lebowski, don’t forget the rug. As The Dude said, “The rug really tied the room together.” Rugs truly are great at pulling a variety of rooms together and the dining room is no different, especially in a larger dining room or even in a more open-plan arrangement. The rug helps frame the table and define the dining area.

Have fun with the dining rooms in your new homes in Vancouver WA. Allow yourself to be bolder than you may choose for other rooms that are frequently used. After all, if you’re inviting people over for dinner, it should be a delicious experience and they say we eat with our eyes, as well, so give your guests an attractive space where they want to sit and enjoy the food, drink, and company.

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