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Time to Winterize Your Home

October 7, 2022
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How to Winterize Your Home!

It’s getting cold so it is time to winterize your Pacific Lifestyle home! Our warranty team put together this helpful guide to show you how to quickly and easily winterize your home before the cold weather sets in.

Sprinkler Winterization Instructions

Step 1: Turn the dial on the irrigation timer to the off position.

Step 2: Turn the exterior main water valve to the off position. This will be located outside under a green cap. In general, when the handle on a water line is in line with the pipe it is open, and when it’s perpendicular it is closed.


Step 3: Open the purge valve to release the water in the pipes of the system. This will be located under a different green cap outside. Once there is no water coming out of the pipe, close the valve and leave it in the closed position for the winter.


Front Hose Bib Shut-Off Instructions

Step 1: Turn the hose bib shut off handle so it is perpendicular to the water line. Below is a photo of the valve in the off position.

Step 2: Open the hose bib spigot/s on the exterior.

Step 3: There is a gold cap on the side of that water line. Twist the cap to remove it and this will allow air to enter the line and push the remaining water out. Water may drip out of the side of the water line in the garage so be prepared if there is anything close by that should not get wet.

Step 4: Once there is no water coming out of either the line or the bib, close the hose bib and put the cap back on. When this is done you have completed the Winterization on the hose bib.

For communities that require a backflow preventer, please follow these instructions.

After turning the water off under the green cap, remove the black cap from the top of the pressure relief valve closest to the water shut-off and use a flathead screwdriver to turn the screw on the side counter-clockwise.

Water may spray out of the valve momentarily, let the water drain for a few minutes then shut this valve and replace the black cap.

Winterization Home Checklist

  • Winterize Sprinkler System
  • Shut off and Drain Hose Bib
  • Disconnect All Hoses on Exterior Bibs
  • Check Exterior Door Seals
  • Inspect the Exterior of the Home for Cracks in Caulking
  • Inspect Weep Holes for Clogging
  • Batteries for the Fireplace in Case of Power Outages
  • Flashlights Are Ready For Use in Case of Power Outage
  • Entry Doors Have Mats or Protection Down to Help Prevent Water Damage
  • Check Foundation Vents for Damages from Pests or Rodents
  • Check Furnace Filter
  • Prepare for Ice: Shovels or Ice Melt Accessible
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