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Modern Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

September 28, 2020
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You’ve moved into one of our new homes in Edgewood WA and you’re starting to get into the fall spirit. What better way to embrace this new season than with a stylish and modern front porch display. It’s a great way to express yourself and it adds a fun sense of whimsy to any home, making a great home even more appealing.

First and foremost, stock up on a variety of pumpkins and mums. They may be traditional fall decorations, but there’s a reason for that. They both tend to last for quite a while so you know your display will see you through to the next round of holiday decorations. Plus, while these elements may be traditional, you can do a lot with them to give them a whole new look, or just use them as they are, in attractive bunches on front steps and around doorways.

The homes at the Aster Point community feature a variety of porch styles and there’s plenty of ways to make the most of each. For the homes where the porch primarily focuses on the front door, do the same with your decorations! Choose a bold wreath for your front door, choosing unusual shapes or materials, such as square wreaths of vivid autumnal leaves or round wreaths made of apples! Raid your local craft supply store to make your own (long-lasting) wreaths or check out some of the local artists’ offerings.

Another way to decorate narrow porches is by stacking pumpkins of similar heights, with a few smaller colorful gourds scattered around the base pumpkin. You could even carve (or paint) your house numbers onto each one for a particularly festive and functional display. If you don’t feel like carving up pumpkins, consider purchasing some large and medium-size lanterns and fill them with tall candles or even loosely bunched autumn-themed garlands. The lanterns, with the addition of a few small pumpkins, create a simple, elegant arrangement.

For larger porches, now is the time to pull out the big planters filled with bright red or purple mums for an eye-catching pop of color. Large square planters in glossy or matte black are ideal for a more modern look while also fitting in well for the Halloween season. If large boxy planters aren’t quite your style, look for tall, simple woven baskets. Fill the base with whatever is weatherproof and handy to take up space and then create a top layer with a fun mixture of small pumpkins and colorful gourds. Toss in a few (faux) fall leaves for a charming tableau. Using multiple sizes of baskets, preferably in sets of three, mixed with a few decorative lanterns or some potted mums is a great way to fill out corners or the front of your porch.

If you have a small seating area on your porch, add some autumnal colored or themed throw pillows and perhaps a blanket for a cozy arrangement. Finish it off with a grouping of pumpkins, both large and small.

Don’t be afraid to paint pumpkins, either. Plenty of people these days paint welcome messages, seasonal messages, or even plaid patterns on their pumpkins. You could also create an ombre effect with pumpkins ranging from original orange to creamy white, or be bold and choose a color that complement’s your home’s exterior. The choice is yours.

A great way to decorate the porches of homes in Edgewood WA is to start on the porch and work your way out along the walkway. Start bigger with a bold, tall arrangement of mums in planters or pretty flower pot stands, then move to mid-size arrangements of pumpkins, and finish with a simple line of smaller lanterns that line your walkway. The best part of decorating is choosing the combination that works for you. Mix and match a bit of everything or stick to one color or primary decorative element. At the end of the day, you’ll have a front porch that is a wonderful welcome to the fall season.

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