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How to Create a Calm, Peaceful Home

December 15, 2020
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Just about everyone is feeling a little more stressed these days. Finding the right work/life balance, especially if you’re working from home, can be challenging. Your new homes in Puget Sound WA are having to play multiple roles and it’s important that at least one area of your home — if not more — provides a space that feels calm, peaceful and tranquil. To help you achieve that, here are some helpful, simple tips that may help create your own perfect oasis.

One thing that causes unrest in many people — even if they don’t realize it — is clutter. As papers and leashes and books, and cords and more items pile up on dining tables, kitchen counters, sofas, coffee tables, and any other surface, all of that clutter and mess can make your mind feel on edge. It really does help to go through and get rid of as much clutter as possible. Create designated areas for cords, mail, paperwork, etc., in attractive containers, preferably ones that hide any mess, and get rid of anything that truly is junk. Once you tackle the clutter, you’ll look around at all of your various flat surfaces and feel a sense of release, and maybe feel like you can breathe a little easier.

In a similar manner, especially if you’re working from home more now, try to corral all of your cords. If you have lots of wires sticking out, try to get them organized and contained. Consider labeling them, too, which makes it easier to contain them, while still being able to find the one you need. When possible, if you’re going to be replacing items, look for wireless options, and for those charging cords, make sure you have a dedicated drawer or box to keep them in one place but also out of sight.

Once the clutter and cords are taken care of, start moving into a more zen-like approach. Adding in greenery, whether lush green plants or smaller groupings of fresh flowers, does a wonderful job of making your home feel more natural and calming. Plus, many plants help improve the immediate air quality, which literally helps you breathe easier.

When it comes to your home’s interior design, you may love bright, bold colors and patterns, but consider having at least one or two rooms that are more subtle. Bedrooms are one of the most important places to create a calm visual, but also consider creating a relaxing reading nook or similar area where you can sit back and unwind. Even if you prefer bold colors, look for deeper blues and purples, which are calmer than reds and oranges. You may also want to avoid too many patterns, focusing on just one or two low-key prints, such as a narrow herringbone, small dots, or tone-on-tone stripes.

If you want to create a calm visual in a room, choose cool, serene colors and some soft, natural fibres in earth tones. For bedrooms, don’t forget a quality mattress and comfortable pillows, and think about how much light you want during the day, as well as at night. Black-out shades or curtains, paired with sheer curtains give you options for both day and night.

Finally, unless you need strong lighting for reading or working, aim for softer lighting throughout your home. The best option is a range of lighting options, so that you can have more light when necessary, but softer, dimmer lights in the evenings as you finally get a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new homes in Puget Sound WA. Let the lights set the mood and you’ll soon be feeling calm, relaxed, and content.

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