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Embracing Boldness with Maximalism

June 10, 2023
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For years, minimalism has been a driving force in interior design. While it still has its place, more people are turning to maximalism, embracing boldness in color, design, and decoration in their homes in Vancouver WA. Rich colors, a mix of textiles, embracing patterns, and combining a variety of elements together creates a space that feels luxurious, eye-catching, and uniquely you.

Maximalism is hardly a new approach to design. It dates back to the 18th century baroque, where patterns, details, luxurious fabrics, and bold colors combined to create a vivid display. Today, you can choose to fully embrace it or combine elements with a more minimalist decor to add a unique finish to a room.

One of the big elements of maximalism is the use of bold, deeply saturated colors. This is often seen in large items like sofas or bedding where it can make a big impact. Jewel tone fabrics, often with more rounded-edge furnishings become a focal point to the room. The great part is that you can limit to just this one major piece or you can go further with patterns, and textures. Typically, though, you may want to choose one bold color and then choose more neutral tones for the rest of the room, though those neutrals can still be luxurious and complemented with decorative furnishings.

Patterns and textures play a key role in maximalism. It’s not uncommon to see a mix of patterns within one room or even one chair, with a combination of animal and floral prints. Pairing surprising blends of patterns is great, just try to avoid looking too garish or chaotic. Solid bold color sofas and chairs with a mix of throw pillows and floor rugs in a variety of patterns keeps things from becoming too cluttered.

Statement pieces are a major point of maximalism, ranging from bold artwork to unique furnishings or light fixtures. They work well to create a focal point in the room, which is key to give the room a natural flow rather than overwhelming the eye at every point. Depending on the room’s use and size, you could always have two or three focal points that help balance the room and define specific uses.

Whether you choose to go all out or prefer a scaled back version of maximalism, the key is to find balance and a sense of cohesion. You can mix different styles, but they should complement each other. Still, have fun mixing and matching and creating a space in your homes in Vancouver WA, that makes you happy, comfortable, and feels like a representation of your personal style.

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