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‘80s Home Decor Styles We Still Love

October 27, 2022
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While it may hurt some people of a certain age to see the ‘80s considered as retro or vintage, that colorful and crazy decade is back. Even though LL Cool J would say, “Don’t call it a comeback”, 1980s trends are regaining popularity. Yes, even neon. Of course, the key to revisiting the ‘80s – or trying it out for the first time – is usually restraint. Focus on one or two elements of the style in your homes in Vancouver WA to look on trend rather than dated.

As mentioned, even neon is back in style, but the key is to use it sparingly. A few pops of a neon color in accessories adds some liveliness to a room without overwhelming it. Some designers are even using neon lights, such as a thin neon tube light that serves as a frame for a picture. It offers a more modern and updated version of the neon lights. Of course, you could let the neon lights be the artwork, though look for something more abstract or go with a quote or phrase written in neon lights to avoid the frat house vibe.

If neon isn’t your style, maybe preppy is. Crisp white and blue palettes, monograms galore, and simple stripes are particularly great for bedrooms and living rooms. Add in some floral prints, whether with pillows or artwork, and some Delft-style ceramics, such as table lamps, for a style that is elegant but still a little easygoing. Don’t forget to pop that collar!

Somewhere in between the neon and preppy styles is the love of ‘80s pastels. The best part is that they can be incorporated with both of the other trends to soften them both. A pale blush wall complements neon pink accessories, while pale blue, green, or teal works with the preppier palette.

When it comes to accessories, think pastel, think round, think brass. For example, a glass console table with rounded edges, framed in brass, with pink and blue rounded vases and brass figurines and lamps. This is where some of the Art Deco pieces that have been in style can carry over, and be mixed with a few more vintage ‘80s pieces to create a contemporary look using a mix of vintage styles.

For those with a green thumb, skip the succulents and go for the big potted plants. Almost every home had a big potted ficus or palm and these big, bright green plants are a great way to add a pop of color and visual interest to a more minimalist room. You can still incorporate the ‘80s without completely giving up minimalism.

In fact, you can have a bright, white, airy bedroom, but choose a circular or scalloped headboard and let the large potted palm be the focus piece, with smaller colorful plants in globe-like vases in soft colors dotted around the room. It’s an attractive way to blend sleek and organic shapes.

These are just some of the ‘80s trends that are showing up in more home decor. Chunky furniture and lucite are among some of the other ‘80s favorites that provide plenty of decor options for your homes in Vancouver WA. Mix and match and have a little fun adding some of these nostalgic pieces into your homes.

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