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Building a Home With Pacific Lifestyle Homes

Whether you’re an experienced buyer or a first-time homeowner, you want to know what to expect from the buying and building process with Pacific Lifestyle Homes. Here’s an overview of our home building process, from the moment you tell us you’re interested until the day you step into the home, with the keys in hand and a smile on your face.

Step 1

First, you’ll visit our communities and check out some model homes with the help of a customer care representative. Once you have picked the neighborhood and lot that you want, we’ll draft and sign a construction deposit agreement. That means you agree to pay for your home to be built, usually with the help of a loan from one of our preferred lenders.

Step 2

Now for the fun part! From our long list of options, you get to choose a floor plan that flows well for your family’s lifestyle. Then you’ll meet with our Pacific Lifestyle Design Studio to select the flooring, finishes, and fixtures that you want in your new house. On our end, this part of the process involves confirming final approval for your loan and setting everything up for the start of construction.

Step 3

Before we break ground, there’s paperwork to finish. Once you sign the necessary forms, attachments, and other documents, your construction supervisor meets with you to inform you about the building process. During this orientation session, ask as many questions as you like about the construction of your new home.

Step 4

The next time you see your new home, the foundation and framing will all be in place, and it will start to look like a real house. Before we put up the drywall, we bring you in to tour the home. Your construction supervisor will explain everything inside the walls, from the pipes and wiring to the insulation and other key systems.

Step 5

Construction is complete and all the finishes are in place. Your Pacific Lifestyle Homes construction supervisor sets up a final orientation meeting where you discover how to apply your warranty and keep your home in premium condition. After that, you’ll go to the closing, when the escrow officer provides another stack of documents for your signature and explains legal details and mortgage information.

Step 6

Finally, you can move in! Your customer care representative hands you the keys to your brand-new home, and the dream becomes real. Finish the packing and call the movers, because it’s time to start fresh in your gorgeous home.

Step 7

After 60 days, Pacific Lifestyle Homes comes back to check on you. We’ll correct any small issues that you may have noticed during your first few months in the home. After 11 months, we check in again and do any additional fixes that you request. We’ll also let you know how to apply your warranty as you settle in and enjoy life in your Pacific Lifestyle Home.

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