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Interior Design Trends We’ll See in 2020

February 20, 2020
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Perhaps one of the most notable design trends of 2020 is the sense of creating a space unique to you. While there are certain trends, many of them allow for more personal elements, random vintage pieces, and hand-made items. Along with a broader concept of neutral colors, and general mixing and matching, your homes in Portland OR are likely to represent your personal tastes as much as they represent trends for 2020.

A focus on individuality and throwing out the rule books is going to be a big part of the trends for 2020 and the coming decade. While some design elements are sure to stick around, they’re likely to evolve. All-white kitchens may remain mostly white, but they’re also going to add in more color in larger areas, such as bright backsplashes or colorful bottom cabinetry. Accent walls may be bolder, brighter colors like chartreuse, and may be framed by walls in colors like pale lilac rather than white or beige.

While there’s certainly room for one-of-a-kind pieces, the goal isn’t unique purely for being unique. It should be a representation of your personality and style. After all, many people like elements of a variety of design styles. Now, blending modern, clean lines with Baroque fabrics on a sofa or gilt-framed patina mirrors in a mid-century modern living room can work, as long as you find a balance. To stop a room from creating whiplash, try to focus on one main style and then add one or two complimentary pieces from another era. If you do want to go bold and lush with rich burgundy or other shades of red on the wall and even the ceiling, and use heavy curtains, balance it with modern, stream-lined sofas in a soft grey tone.

While shades of classic and navy blue are particularly on trend this year, so are colors like the colorful chartreuse, two colors that pair surprisingly well when used thoughtfully. Many of the colors that are showing up are surprisingly timeless, just being used in new combinations and tones. As well as deep blue and bright green, earthier shades of green and dusky shades of pink are also on trend. Neutrals are no longer just white, beige, and tan. They can be soft blues, pinks, grays, and other relaxing colors that work as a great base for one or two statement pieces in rich jewel tones. Black and white combinations with pops of a brighter color, such as a black and white tile floor in the bathroom with coral walls, is a new take on using these colors.

If you typically go for clean, straight lines, add a few curves with round mirrors or round side tables. Curves are popular, as are vintage items, which means there’s a resurgence in interest in Art Deco, which beautifully blends straight lines and curves, streamlined, yet soft. Look for mirrors, mantel clocks, or even sofas in an Art Deco style as a way to soften minimalist rooms and simplify busier rooms. It’s a great style with a lot of options.

Ultimately, decorate to your tastes. That’s the most important aspect. Look at the various colors and trends and pick out what speaks to you. Maybe it’s the new trend in rugs in unusual shapes and sizes or mixing patterns with a riotous combination of throw pillow fabrics. Do try to decorate for a more timeless look that can evolve over the years rather than having to be completely redone every other year. Choose some sustainable, long-term investment pieces that speak to you and start decorating from there. In the end, your homes in Portland OR will be a true representation of you, where you’ll feel comfortable, inspired, and happy.

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