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Rev. January 1, 2020

Use of the web sites www.pacificlifestylehomes.com or www.garrettecustomhomes.com (the “Sites”) is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this Terms of Service (“TOS”) document and the Privacy Policy, which is available on the Sites. YOUR USE OF THE SITES CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE, WHICH SHALL CONSTITUTE A BINDING AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE USER AND PACIFIC LIFESTYLE HOMES, INC. (“PLH”), THE OWNER OF THE SITES.

PLH and its affiliate Garrette Custom Homes are licensed and bonded as general contractors in the states of Washington and Oregon under the following contractor registrations:



The Sites contain information about various products and services which may be available through PLH or its affiliates. All information contained on the Sites (including photographs, text, and descriptions) are intended and offered solely as a general depiction of products and services which may be available. Some drawings or depictions contained on the Sites may be conceptual in nature and not actually available for sale.

The sale of any property, product, or service shall be accomplished and governed by one or more written agreements to be executed between the appropriate parties. PLH makes no guarantee or warranty that any property, product, or service actually provided by PLH or its affiliates will be identical to properties, products, or services described or depicted on the Sites. Without limiting the foregoing, no photograph, text, or description contained on the Sites shall be deemed to modify, amend, supplement, or replace the terms of any written agreement(s) between the parties. Photographs many depict optional features or upgrades which may affect the pricing of a finished home.

Nothing contained on the Sites is intended as an offer to sell or buy real property. Offers to sell or buy real property must be prepared and presented in accordance with local laws and regulations. All property and products described on the Sites are subject to prior sale. PLH reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or replace any photograph, text, or description contained on the Sites at any time.

All references to prices or price ranges for property, products, or services is intended as general information only and does not constitute an offer to sell the referenced property, product, or service at the referenced price. All information concerning pricing for property, products, or services (a) is subject to change or withdrawal at any time without notice, (b) is subject to correction for errors or omissions at any time without notice, and (c) may not include modifications or additional components that are necessary due to the condition and/or topography of the lot where the home will be constructed.

These Terms of Service are subject to modification at any time without notice and shall be effective immediately upon posting on the Sites.

Questions regarding these Terms of Service may be directed to the following:

By email: JenniferW@buildPLH.com

By telephone: (360) 213-0835

By regular mail or delivery: Att: Web Site Manager 11815 NE 99th Street, Suite 1200 Vancouver, WA 98682

© 2020 by Pacific Lifestyle Homes, Inc. – All rights reserved.

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