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Choosing the Right Community for Your New Home

September 8, 2021
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As a home builder in Southwest WA, we build in various communities where you can develop a sense of neighborliness while also easily accessing great shopping, dining, and plenty of entertainment. Finding that right community is important, which is why we try to build desirable homes in equally desirable locations.

Despite great homes, when it comes to the neighborhood and community, it has to feel right and fit your needs and preferences. That’s why it’s important to make a list of key features you want in a community.

For example, if you have children or are planning on having children, you will want to think about it from that perspective. Is the community served by good schools? Are there other children in the neighborhood around the same age with whom your children could become friends? Is the community designed with cul-de-sacs or at least a minimum of through traffic to provide a safe place for your kids to play outdoors? Are there parks nearby where the family can go for picnics or play on a playground or go for walks along trails?

In fact, the closeness of parks is something that people of all ages are likely to be interested in when choosing a community. Afterall, the PNW has some great parks, as well as walking, biking, and hiking trails that offer everyone a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful nature of this region. If you are involved in particular sports, you may also want to consider the proximity and/or availability so that getting involved, be it biking or climbing or basketball, doesn’t require a long trip that is likely to put you off.

Just as you want good schools for your kids, you also want to have a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options that don’t require long drives. A trip to the grocery store should be quick and there should be enough options to allow you to find the store that is right for you. Realistically, you probably want to be close to more than just fast-food chains, so drive around the area within a certain comfortable distance and see what kind of restaurants are around, as well as shopping and entertainment. From clothing to movies, you’re going to want to find a community that has all of the basics, as well as some nice extras within a short drive.

Of course, everyone has their own personal preferences in what they want in a community. Some want spacious lots that provide plenty of privacy, while others are looking for close-knit communities. If you’ve found somewhere you like, it’s worthwhile to visit it on weekdays and on weekends, as well as different times to days, especially when people are more likely to be home. It will give you a better sense of the overall nature of the community and you can decide if it feels like it could become home.

As a home builder in Southwest WA, we strive to build homes that can meet your needs with great basic floor plans, as well as the kinds of options that can help you really feel at home. Just as important are the communities in which we build. We build in communities that offer convenience, but also offer a sense of escape from the busy world. We invite you to contact us today to learn not just about the wide range of homes we build, but also the outstanding communities in which we build. Let us help you find the perfect combination for you and your family.


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