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Benefits of One-Story Homes

April 5, 2020
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Multi-story homes may seem grander and a greater sign of luxury, but the reality is that single-story homes often have more actual living space with larger rooms throughout the home. One-story homes have a number of other perks associated with them, which is why people in the market for Vancouver WA new homes are increasingly turning to one-story designs.

Single-story homes typically have wider floor plans that allow for larger rooms throughout the home. Stairs take up a lot of space and can impede the flow of rooms. Plus, single-level homes allow for higher ceilings, skylights, and large windows, creating a more open sense of space. This also lets in plenty of natural light and great views, ideal when you live in communities such as Amberglen or Parkers Abby, that are known for their surrounding natural greenery and views.

Another important selling point for single-story homes is their energy efficiency. Heat rises, so while your upstairs may be nice and toasty during the winter, you’re having to spend more to warm up the first floor. You’re also spending more to keep the upstairs cool during the summer. Single-level homes allow the air to be distributed more evenly, ultimately saving you money on lower energy costs.

Perhaps the most important aspect is the lack of stairs. This has numerous ripple bonuses for single-story homes. First of all, they’re simply easier to live in, as you do not have to run up and down stairs all the time, whether transporting laundry or simply making multiple trips when you forget an item.

The lack of stairs also makes cleaning easier. You could keep multiple sets of cleaning supplies — including vacuums — upstairs and downstairs to avoid having to go up and down stairs constantly while cleaning, but that gets costly. Having everything on one level makes it easier and less exhausting, making faster work of cleaning your home. Plus, you don’t have stairs to clean, which can be notoriously difficult.

Finally, there’s the important aspect of safety in having a single-story home. No stairs means a decreased risk of injury. From young children to older adults to those with injuries and disabilities that make stairs challenging or impossible, a single-story home is safer and more accessible for everyone. Life can change in an instant, and not having to worry about navigating stairs due to injury or age provides greater peace of mind.

With all of these issues in mind, it’s not hard to see why people are gravitating to single-story Vancouver WA new homes. Pacific Lifestyle Homes has single-story homes available for quick move-in and home advisors ready to help you via online chat, phone calls, and virtual and private appointments. Start exploring the various communities and home designs available through Pacific Lifestyle Homes to see just how appealing single-story living can be.

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