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Benefits of Living in a Multigenerational Home

October 20, 2021
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Currently 1 in 5 Americans are living in multigenerational homes — homes with at least two adult generations living in them. This represents a 30 percent increase since 2007, meaning more people are turning to this option for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, we have designed a number of Battle Ground WA homes that meet the needs of multigenerational families.

A multigenerational home can be a variety of generations. The version typically pictured is that of parents, especially widowed parents, living with adult children. Yet these days, it’s just as likely to be adult children — often with their own children — living with a set of their own parents. For some it’s a financial or care reason, but for many, it’s simply a way to live comfortably for all involved.

For example, with a large enough home, especially one with the equivalent of a small apartment within the home for added privacy, it’s easy for the multiple generations to spend time together regularly, but also have time and space to be on their own. Many homes, including a number of our home designs, include flex rooms that can be turned into an additional bedroom or even another suite. Some designs feature bonus areas on a lower or upper level that can be converted into an apartment with a small kitchen for added autonomy. When choosing a multigenerational home, it really is important to ensure enough privacy for all involved.

In some cases, aging parents may move in with their adult children. This often provides the adult children with in-home childcare that enables both parents to advance their careers without spending a fortune on childcare. It also lets the younger children spend quality time with their grandparents. For widowed aging parents, it’s also a comfort to be with family and not left alone.

In some cases, aging parents may move in due to the need of regular care, rather than being placed in a nursing home. Many of our home designs feature ground-floor owner’s suites, but also have flex rooms that can easily be converted into spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms to allow for easy care and movement, letting the parents live longer in a family environment.

These extra bedroom suites also work well for adult children moving back in with their parents, whether it’s for financial reasons or after a divorce, or any other number of reasons. The more space and autonomy each generation has, the more harmonious the living situation will be.

These multigenerational homes also work well if you entertain family or friends who stay with you frequently. Offering a dedicated room for guests that provides them with additional comfort and privacy is attractive for everyone. Also, anyone with a live-in nanny or au pair will appreciate the spacious layout.

Multigenerational homes allow families to remain close or even grow closer. They also provide a sense of comfort when help is needed. Their spaciousness also provides options for home offices, hobby rooms and more when not needed for additional family members, making them attractive homes when it comes to resale, as well.

If you’re looking for Battle Ground WA homes that can meet your multigenerational needs, contact us today. We have a number of floor plans specifically designed with multigenerational families in mind, including the Milvio and Willow, to name just a few. We’re happy to help you find the right home design with the appropriate options to ensure every generation is happy and comfortable.

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