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Benefits of a Multi-Generational Home

January 27, 2023
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There are a variety of reasons why multiple generations of a family may live together, including finances, health, and culture. No matter the reason, the number of multi-generational households has quadrupled in the last 50 years. With numbers continuing to rise, as a respected builder of homes in Vancouver WA and the surrounding area, we understand that multi-generational living requires some changes in how homes are built, so we’ve made a point of creating special floor plans to fit this need.

A multi-generational household is one with more than two adult generations living under the same roof. Homes like the ones we build allow for the relative(s) moving into the home to have what amounts to a small apartment within the main home, including a separate entrance/exit. This allows the person or people living there to maintain a sense of autonomy and privacy, but still interact with the primary owners of the home in communal areas.

Choosing this style of living is financially beneficial for both parties, typically. The cost of the one home, even though it may be larger, can be shared, ultimately reducing the cost everyone pays. Of course, in the case of adult children moving in with parents or even grandparents, it can reduce the adult child’s costs, which may allow them to save more toward a home of their own if that is the plan.

With multiple generations, there are more people to handle household maintenance. Older adults who may not be able to manage more strenuous tasks have someone younger to do them, but the older adults can help with other household tasks. This can save everyone time and money, as there is less need to hire outside help.

With the high costs of childcare, having retired family members living with a younger family can certainly help save money if the older relatives are able to provide childcare. This goes much deeper than costs, though. There’s greater trust, but there’s also the emotional benefit for both the children and grandchildren. Young children benefit from having someone around to serve as a role model and loving caregiver. Grandparents are able to feel more connected and less likely to be lonely. Overall, this kind of living arrangement also creates stronger family bonds for all ages.

Finally, with these kinds of households, there’s a stronger sense of security and safety. Financially, there’s more of a safety net. When it comes to the well-being of both elderly relatives and young children, there’s the security of knowing there’s someone to keep an eye on both. Should care be needed, there’s more space and accessibility available to do so. There’s also the simple fact that someone is at home most of the time, providing more security for your home itself.

For many people, multi-generational living is an easy choice. For others, having homes that acknowledge the need for autonomy and privacy make this choice much easier. This is why we build a variety of multi-generational homes in Vancouver WA. With the right home, the choice becomes easier and provides more peace of mind. If you think this might be right for you, contact us today to learn about our multiple multi-gen floor plans.

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